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Mission update: Communications

Captain, after monitering the Klingon's transmissions for a few days I have been able to come to the conclusion that they are planning something. As of yet, I do not know what they are planning or how important it is but I will continue monitering the frequencies. They have the tendency of not getting their people together and planning together like Starfleet generally does, it seems that they do their planning individually and then share tidbits with their other ships, so it is difficult to get a complete thought. It seems that they know that we are monitering their communications... But I will stay on it, and hopefully we will be able to get some more information soon.

Lt. Uhura
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Mission Update:
We've done our final run to New Vulcan II or whatever and now we're heading out towards the Klingon border. They've been acting up recently and the bosses want us to sooth ruffled feathers and shoot them or really whatever it takes to get them to knock it off. As we all know, Klingons have remarkably thick skulls, so it may take a while to get it through. Scotty, you have my permission to update the torpedoes as you see fit. Feel free to borrow Chekov or Spock (but not at the same time) if you need them.
Uhura, we need you to work on monitoring deep space transmissions to see if we can't figure out what the Klingons are up to.
Chekov, do whatever it is you do, but also help out Scotty whenever he needs it.
Sulu, practice evasive maneuvers but not with the ship. Go have somebody throw together a simulator if you need one.
Spock, continue being awesome.
Scotty, I think you know what we need from you.
McCoy, I don't know what the risks are besides death-by-explosion from the Klingons and nearby planets. Brush up on your knowledge of all that and if we need anything, send req forms my way and I'll send them through the ranks.
Chapel, Rand- keep the ship's three top players running sanely. You do it so well already and we love you for it. Platonically. Except Spock. And Chapel. Rand...yeah. You know what I mean.

Everybody else: you'll recieve individual orders from your specific chain of command.

Keep up all the good work, people!


HAPPY ONE DAY LATE BIRTHDAY TO NURSE CHAPEL!!!! Everyone be nice to her and give her presents.

Spock, try to not be Vulcan and do something spontaneous for her.
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Fail!land is calling.

[[First off, I'd like to say that I really have no excuse for not being online. I haven't really felt like doing anything recently, but I should have anyways.

That being said, I have something to say, and a question for y'all that I'm hoping will help us.

When I originally went to Spock and asked her what she thought about starting a comm, she thought it was a good idea and an hour or two later, we had BA up and running. Initially, I meant it as a sort of Facebook, only I'm not sure we're allowed to use facebook for things like that. I'm really starting to think that the whole mission/status update thing is less than effective (mostly because I keep forgetting to make Spock do it) and it's simply not working.

What do you guys think of scrapping the mission updates and instead a mini-update on what the ship's done in the past week or week and a half? Or, as soon as I can figure out if Facebook allows fake people, possibly moving over there?

First and foremost, the decision is up to you guys. If you want to keep the mission updates like they are, me and Spock can work harder to plot and get them out. If you want to scrap them, that's great too. If you want to try Facebook (I'm actively researching between typing this) we can do that as well.

What do you guys want to see?

Also, I'm thinking Facebook might be easier to get people, though the standards of what we'll be able to allow will go down unless you guys just decide not to friend people. More people vs. quality? I dunno.


wassup guys

mission updaye":

so we'v been doing jack shit for like FOREVER cause vuilcan needs all thos e thier shit and stuff

we're brtinging them RELIGION and cookies and humna cooties and shit
and iut's gonna be fuckin awesome and theyll like ;love us causde we're goddamn humans and whoo doesnt loive us?

saurin ale is strong shit man and spcok doesnt' hav e;good securyt


Mission Update

As we're all well-aware, the Enterprise has done exactly nothing in the past week, because we are still on our way back to Earth because the Vulcans (no offense meant, Spock Prime) picked an out-of-the-way planet and without an emergency, Starfleet disapproves of us using warp. Sorry, Scotty, I know it's fun but we can't.

Our next cargo load is still undetermined as Starfleet never got back to me on what forms were approved, but as soon as I know what's up, you all will know what's up.

Other than that: nothing much has been going on, unless there have been things under the radar that I'm not aware of.


Sorry it took so long, Captain.
Name: Hikaru Sulu
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Botany, Pilot
Pertinent Information: My hobbies include fencing and botany, and of course piloting the best ship in the fleet.
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