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Regarding future missions
captsexypants wrote in bridgeadventure
We've basically got our pick of the galaxies, since our fleet is still puny. Starfleet requested information on preferred missions from us; we've got diplomatic missions, exploration missions, and ones likely to end in death, doom, and destruction (of other people, of course, not us), among other things. As the crew of the flagship of the Federation, I'm putting it to you- what would you guys prefer? Battle? Ferrying? Guard duty? Something else entirely?

Note: Returning to Earth and going to planets barred by Federation Law are not options, however much we might enjoy it.

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Exploration is where I'm placing my request...

The three D's sound good.
And exploration would be fun, I'm sure. Especially with our crew.

I'm in favor of anything that won't do damage to me ship or me engines. Although I agree with Nyota - the three Ds are always great fun. So long as Damage to Engines is NOT one of them.

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