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Question Thirteen
drlhmccoy wrote in bridgeadventure
Shallow: Describe your perfect man/woman/both. Anyhting goes, be as shallow or as deep as you want. And, no, you cannot name any specific person. It should be your dreammate, not youe current one.

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My perfect man would have to be smart. There's no getting around it, I need a smart man, preferably one that speaks many languages like myself.
He would be tall and of African decent like me, and very muscular. He would be caring, and understanding, and not afraid to show his softer side. He would be protective of me, and not afraid to get into a fight to defend me.

My idea of a perfect man would be someone older, very very smart, and interested in the same fields I am. I am not very bothered by looks, but I would like for him to have a nice smile and beautiful eyes. Also I would want him to be very kind and thoughtful with a good sense of humour and strong arms to hold me with. I do not care about his race or religion, but I would like him to respect mine as I would respect his.

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