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Mission Update
captsexypants wrote in bridgeadventure
As we're all well-aware, the Enterprise has done exactly nothing in the past week, because we are still on our way back to Earth because the Vulcans (no offense meant, Spock Prime) picked an out-of-the-way planet and without an emergency, Starfleet disapproves of us using warp. Sorry, Scotty, I know it's fun but we can't.

Our next cargo load is still undetermined as Starfleet never got back to me on what forms were approved, but as soon as I know what's up, you all will know what's up.

Other than that: nothing much has been going on, unless there have been things under the radar that I'm not aware of.

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That sounds awesome, but somehow I doubt Starfleet would approve. Besides, she's the Enterprise. Is there any Federation vessel that could beat her?

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