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wassup guys
lt_spock wrote in bridgeadventure
mission updaye":

so we'v been doing jack shit for like FOREVER cause vuilcan needs all thos e thier shit and stuff

we're brtinging them RELIGION and cookies and humna cooties and shit
and iut's gonna be fuckin awesome and theyll like ;love us causde we're goddamn humans and whoo doesnt loive us?

saurin ale is strong shit man and spcok doesnt' hav e;good securyt


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...I'm wondering why I don't remember doing this...

((I spent a long period of time wondering whether this was a hack or a serious post. And then it took me even longer to read it.))

((Spock forgot to do a mission update, so Kirk opted to do it. While drunk. :D ))


this kind of shit is what happens when we're together. ordinarily we live on opposite ends of the state.))

This is NOT my fault. He dinna get the liquor from me. And why does it say Commander Spock posted it? Is the Cap't hacking into the Commander's account - again?

It appears that I must change my password. Again.

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