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Fail!land is calling.
captsexypants wrote in bridgeadventure
[[First off, I'd like to say that I really have no excuse for not being online. I haven't really felt like doing anything recently, but I should have anyways.

That being said, I have something to say, and a question for y'all that I'm hoping will help us.

When I originally went to Spock and asked her what she thought about starting a comm, she thought it was a good idea and an hour or two later, we had BA up and running. Initially, I meant it as a sort of Facebook, only I'm not sure we're allowed to use facebook for things like that. I'm really starting to think that the whole mission/status update thing is less than effective (mostly because I keep forgetting to make Spock do it) and it's simply not working.

What do you guys think of scrapping the mission updates and instead a mini-update on what the ship's done in the past week or week and a half? Or, as soon as I can figure out if Facebook allows fake people, possibly moving over there?

First and foremost, the decision is up to you guys. If you want to keep the mission updates like they are, me and Spock can work harder to plot and get them out. If you want to scrap them, that's great too. If you want to try Facebook (I'm actively researching between typing this) we can do that as well.

What do you guys want to see?

Also, I'm thinking Facebook might be easier to get people, though the standards of what we'll be able to allow will go down unless you guys just decide not to friend people. More people vs. quality? I dunno.


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((Bones here, but too lazy to switch accounts especially considering this is OOC.

I think quality is far better over quantity. I feel like maybe there's just not much to do, so maybe you could post more often about events happening for us to respond to? Maybe one every few days or something.))

You can be a fake person on FaceBook. As long as you have an email address. You just register like a real person and then your fake friends "Friend" you. I have first hand experience with this.

Maybe it's not "really" allowed but they are pretty okay with it unless you make a fake account to flame someone. Or pretend you are somebody else. You know, like making an account that claims you are Elvis Presley when clearly you are not.

((OOC for Nurse Chapel)) I've been so busy that I can barely say my own name. Facebook would be a little easier, but it's difficult for me to keep up with multiple accounts...Hence the reason for this post as gloria instead of Chapel.)

All that said, I'm still interested in the comm. very much so; but my time is so limited it's hard to get in and play.


I like the updates on what's been happening in the past week. I can make myself remember (hello stickynotes! :D) and I can help Kirk remember (hello smackintheface! :D) as well.

My thing with facebook is that if we make accounts as the characters from ST we will have tons of trekkies trying to add "Spock" or "Bones" because they love them and then will be *crushed* when we deny them. Soooo.... I dunno! S'up to y'all.))

((After more consideration, the facebook thing would mean I have yet another account to keep up with so I'm all for staying put. I think I should do a Star Trek marathon or something to put me in the creative mood. ))

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