June 15th, 2010

All About Me!

Name: James Tiberius Kirk
Rank: Captain
Department: Command
Pertinent Information: Born and raised in Riverside, Iowa. In other words, Boringsville on the edge of the middle of nowhere. We have corn, wheat, and cows for interesting sights. Please refrain from startling the wildlife.
I have one brother, name George Samuel Kirk. We call him Sam. I'm awesome and sexy and everybody should bow at my feet for my feats of awesomely amazing awesomeness concerning the recent Nero incident.

First Officer Spock

Name: Spock
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Command, Science
Pertinent information: I was born and raised on Vulcan. I was offered a position in the Vulcan Science Academy, but I respectfully declined in order to join Starfleet.
I currently serve as the First Officer to Captain James Tiberius Kirk.