June 23rd, 2010


Alrighty, a little about myself:
Name: Nyota Uhura
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Communications
Pertinant information: I was born on Earth, where I attended elementary school in Africa, and moved to America for middle and high school. After which I studied xenolinguistics at Starfleet Academy and was top in my class.
I am very happy working on the Enterprise, even though my recent breakup with a certain "pointy-eared hobgoblin", as Doctor McCoy would so cleverly put it.
I also love the idea of an informal messaging board Captain. :)
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Lost Captain?

Has anyone seen the Captain lately? I've been waitin' in Engineering to talk to the lad and I've not seen hide nor hair of him. Iffn you see him, mightn you be sending him my way? These dilithium crystals aren't goin' realign themselves, after all.
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Vulcan II


As you all should know, the Enterprise is heading out on her first mission. The mission consists of carrying cargo from Earth and various outposts to New Vulcan or Vulcan II or whatever you want to call it. If the name has been decided, somebody please let me know before we arrive so we don't have foot-in-mouth issues. Thanks.

We're carrying cir-cen seeds and plants, kindly (logically?) donated by The Vulcan Institute, as well as favinit butter and favinit seeds. We have a few full-grown adun cacti, and it is requested that the crew stay away from as it's likely you'll stab yourself on a spine and Bones will not be happy with you. They are particularly pokey.

We are also carrying general generators and emergency backup generators, as well as a wide range of cloth and clothing (also generously donated from the Institute, so send them a thank-you message or something). If any of the crew have any skills that they feel might be useful to the Vulcans, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Remember: We are ambassadors of the Federation, helping allies. Don't do anything stupid, don't offend the Vulcans, and above all, remember that you are the crewmembers of the USS Enterprise and you all know what that means.

Landing Party One: Myself, Lt. Uhura, Nurse Chapel, Lt. Spock.
Sulu will have the con, and Scotty will act as first officer if an emergency should arise. I hope that none does, but in the off-chance that one should treat Sulu and Scotty as you would myself and Spock. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, let me know as soon as possible.

Captain Kirk


Please don't kill me Jim, but I found another tribble after I returned the first one to Scotty... I have no idea how this happened...
I have him though! And  will take him down to engineering and give him (her? how do you tell...?) to Scotty.
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