July 3rd, 2010

Traditional American Holiday

Cap'n, I noticed it's coming up on the American holiday of July 4th. While it's na my holiday to be celebratin, I was wonderin if you would like some fireworks that day. I can put some good ole fashioned gunpowder in some canisters I have layin around, shoot them out of the torpedo bays, and ignite them with the phasers. Won't do no harm to me ship. Light up the sky.

What do you think, sir? Want a little slice of home for the 4th?

You let me know and I'll get ta work on it right away.
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Do any of you have any idea how much paperwork a away mission like that generates?

I'm guessing Kirk does or he wouldn't be in his ready room HIDING!

If I'm not back in 24 hours or so, send the rescue squad!

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