July 7th, 2010

Mission Update

So! As everybody knows, we just did our first round of packmule duties concerning Vulcan II. We were scheduled to do several more rounds, but Starfleet has somehow managed to get two ships back in working condition while we were gone, and are working on staffing and prepping them for patrolling and shipment runs. We'll do one more mission to Vulcan II, before we set out on our five year mission, at which point things should hopefully be less monotonous.

Scotty has updated the holodecks with a handful of scenarios and locations, and they are free to use at your discretion during your off hours.

[[Sorry I've been absent, guys, I'm working part-time and trying to get my license, and one of my dogs recently ran away and that had me distracted for a day. All of this is not very nice towards my previous sleep-all-day schedule. I'll try to be on more.]]