September 2nd, 2010

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Mission Update:
We've done our final run to New Vulcan II or whatever and now we're heading out towards the Klingon border. They've been acting up recently and the bosses want us to sooth ruffled feathers and shoot them or really whatever it takes to get them to knock it off. As we all know, Klingons have remarkably thick skulls, so it may take a while to get it through. Scotty, you have my permission to update the torpedoes as you see fit. Feel free to borrow Chekov or Spock (but not at the same time) if you need them.
Uhura, we need you to work on monitoring deep space transmissions to see if we can't figure out what the Klingons are up to.
Chekov, do whatever it is you do, but also help out Scotty whenever he needs it.
Sulu, practice evasive maneuvers but not with the ship. Go have somebody throw together a simulator if you need one.
Spock, continue being awesome.
Scotty, I think you know what we need from you.
McCoy, I don't know what the risks are besides death-by-explosion from the Klingons and nearby planets. Brush up on your knowledge of all that and if we need anything, send req forms my way and I'll send them through the ranks.
Chapel, Rand- keep the ship's three top players running sanely. You do it so well already and we love you for it. Platonically. Except Spock. And Chapel. Rand...yeah. You know what I mean.

Everybody else: you'll recieve individual orders from your specific chain of command.

Keep up all the good work, people!