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Question of the day Six
on the bridge
What was your High School Mascot?

Question of the day Five.
Do you have a tattoo? What is it? What does it mean?

If you don't have one or you're not willing to admit to having one, would you get one? What would you get? Why?

Mission Update
So! As everybody knows, we just did our first round of packmule duties concerning Vulcan II. We were scheduled to do several more rounds, but Starfleet has somehow managed to get two ships back in working condition while we were gone, and are working on staffing and prepping them for patrolling and shipment runs. We'll do one more mission to Vulcan II, before we set out on our five year mission, at which point things should hopefully be less monotonous.

Scotty has updated the holodecks with a handful of scenarios and locations, and they are free to use at your discretion during your off hours.

[[Sorry I've been absent, guys, I'm working part-time and trying to get my license, and one of my dogs recently ran away and that had me distracted for a day. All of this is not very nice towards my previous sleep-all-day schedule. I'll try to be on more.]]

Question of the day Four
on the bridge
What is one thing the rest of the ship doesn't know about you?

(Keep it clean and it doesn't have to be too private, we don't need to know that much about you.)

Question of the Day Two
What are the best/worst things about living on a starship, in your opinion?

Question of the Day
on the bridge
((Got permisson from the captain to do a question of the day to spark inspiraton/discussion))

In light of the holiday, share some memories from past Independence days. If you don't celebrate independence day, share memories form a national/ planetoid holiday.

Though Vulcans do not generally celebrate holidays, I would like to wish those crewmembers that are American a Happy July Fourth.

Please do not light any explosives on board, and I am sure that Doctor McCoy would like to remind you that the Captain has a gunpowder allergy, so if you do light explosives it is your funeral.


Do any of you have any idea how much paperwork a away mission like that generates?

I'm guessing Kirk does or he wouldn't be in his ready room HIDING!

If I'm not back in 24 hours or so, send the rescue squad!

Posted via Journaler.

Traditional American Holiday
Cap'n, I noticed it's coming up on the American holiday of July 4th. While it's na my holiday to be celebratin, I was wonderin if you would like some fireworks that day. I can put some good ole fashioned gunpowder in some canisters I have layin around, shoot them out of the torpedo bays, and ignite them with the phasers. Won't do no harm to me ship. Light up the sky.

What do you think, sir? Want a little slice of home for the 4th?

You let me know and I'll get ta work on it right away.

Mission Report
 Now that the away team is safely back on board, with minimal injury, the Captain has asked me to write a report for the members of the crew that were not a part of the mission. 

We arrived at Vulcan II approximately 14.7 hours ago, where we were beamed down approximately 2 hours later.
Our first order of business was to go meet Ambassador Sarek and the Vulcan Council and inform them of the supplies that we have brought to them, which went without problems.

After, the crew went their separate ways to carry out their individual missions. Those who wish to can make observations about their own missions.

The captain and I were obliged to speak to the Council once again, to ask questions about any needs that they may still have, to which they filled out requisition forms for heating and cooling units, general building materials, and several other small things. The Captain signed off on them and they were promptly sent to Starfleet. 

Following this Ambassador Spock gave the captain and myself a small tour of the rapid progress that the Vulcans are making in developing a new community on Vulcan II.

I do believe that the only crew member that suffered from any heat related injury was the captain himself. And he only became sunburnt. 

I also ask that those that did not go on the away mission please report on the activities that went on during our absence. So as to allow the captain and myself to be completely informed on every matter that includes the Enterprise.