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bridgeadventure's Journal

The Bridge Adventures
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Facebook, Star Trek style! Onboard messaging community~
Welcome to The USS Enterprise Informal Messaging System, EIMS for short. Think of it as one giant corkboard, where anything and everything relevant to the Enterprise and crew members can be posted for the entire ship to see.

Just remember- everything is saved to Starfleet headquarters in conjunction with your file. Don't post anything you don't want the admirals to gossip about. Respect your ship, your crew members, and your senior officers.

1) Adult language is allowed, but vulgar language is not. Acceptable words include damn, hell, shit, and fuck (in moderation!). Please refrain from explicitly sexual posts or commentary.
2) You may post prior to being accepted as a member but please do not spam the community. Be smart about it.
3) When you join, you are required to make a post with name, rank, department, and any relevant information you feel like sharing. This is especially important with OCs.

The storyline starts immediately after the rebuilding of the Enterprise, following Nero. TOS events have no effect on this, minus characters from the show who are on the Enterprise.